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Lapel pin of The Flash


It is the name given to the 5 black ribbons worn on the back of the collar.They are  inherited from the days when soldiers wore pigtails. The hair was  powdered, greased and, in order to protect the red coatee, the hair was enclosed in what was known as a queue bag. In July 1808 hair was ordered to be cut close to the neck and the queue was abolished. The officers however decided to retain the ribbons with which the queue had been tied. Using an old slang term for a wig these were known as the ‘Flash’.

In 1834, an inspecting General noted “the superfluous decoration on the collar of the coat” and ordered the removal of the Flash.When King William IV was told what had happened, the Colonel of the Regiment received a letter from the Horse Guards stating that His Majesty had been pleased to approve the Flash “as a peculiarity whereby to mark the dress of that distinguished Regiment.”

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