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Museum Shops is an online marketplace for the heritage sector, a sustainable online platform for gift shops without upfront or ongoing monthly fees. If you are based in the United Kingdom and are a Museum, Art Gallery (not for profit), Historic House, Landmark, Library, Heritage Garden, Science or Heritage Centre then Museum Shops is the marketplace for you.

  • No joining or listing fees.
  • Pay 12% commission (includes 2% payment gateway fee) only when you sell.
  • No tie-in period.
  • Your products indexed via our site’s category & sub‑category pages.
  • Easy-to-use listing process minimises time spent managing your shop, allowing you to track sales and generate monthly reports.
  • Coupon codes for special offers.
  • A stock & sales control system.
  • Benefit from our site‑wide marketing campaigns.
  • Search functionality to aid customer browsing.
  • Multiple postage options to cater to your needs.
  • A tested purchasing and refund system, to ensure smooth transactions and customer satisfaction.
  • Full compliance with UK ecommerce law automatically included.
  • A Vendor Vacation mode to temporarily close your shop for stock-take.
  • Continually updated software with new features rolled out every year.

If you are interested in joining the site, please fill out the form and we’ll be in contact.

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Currently we are only open to organisations based in the United Kingdom, however if your organisation is not in the UK and would be interested in listing with us then please get in touch to see how we can help you in future.

What Museum Shops Can Do For You

Museum Shops aims to reduce the costs of creating and operating an online shop, letting you focus on presenting your products to potential customers. We do not charge upfront or ongoing monthly fees, taking a 10% commission plus payment gateway fee only when you sell. This incentivises us to help your products reach customers as opposed to other platforms which make money even when you do not.

By providing a marketplace website with a wide range of choice, we provide an attractive destination for online shoppers and we aim to help you match and exceed the UK-wide average of 16% (and growing) as the online share of your overall retail revenues.

Each organisation that joins us receives a unique shopfront page to display your products, customisable to match your branding, with our own kept to a minimum. Customers on the site can browse via a general index of products, introducing them to your organisation and its offering, potentially inspiring them to visit in future. Alternatively customers can browse by Individual Shop, using browsing features such as our Search Bar and Price Slider, or narrowing down options through the use of Selectable Categories.

Special offers, membership discount codes for your Friends groups, back office sales charts, SKU inventory management,  Museum Shops offers all these features and more!

If you need any advice with the process of setting up an online shop them Museum Shops is happy to help. We can introduce you to Retail Photographers at a specially discounted rate and provide tailored advice about which products to upload.

Contact for a brochure and further details, or review some of our key terms below before making an application.

Key terms:

To list products with us we ask that you be open to the public on a regular basis, with at least ten products ready to list and the capacity to dispatch within three working days. Exceptions to these rules may be considered on a case by case basis.

Individuals and commercial companies unaffiliated with Museums, Galleries, etc, are not permitted to sell through Museum Shops.


  • All partners will be provided with a seller account and unique homepage within the site.
  • Social media accounts may be linked, as may main Museum websites and visitor information pages. Links to other online shops are strictly not permitted.
  • Advertising via Google adsense may be displayed on certain site pages, not including shop frontpages.
  • Our general website service is offered with a zero-upfront fee policy. However certain optional service extras incur charges, as agreed between the Seller and Museum Shops.
  • The sales contract is directly between the Seller and the Customer with Museum Shops acting as an agent.
  • There is no limit to the number of products you can upload. However we would recommend items that are either branded or unique to you (or not likely to be listed by another on the site) so as to best stand out in a marketplace environment.
  • May not function properly if your browser is no longer supported.

Seller Requirements

  • All products and images must be to a good standard, for more details see our Product Policy annexe of the Full Terms and Conditions.
  • Shipping rates are set by the seller, but all items ordered must be dispatched within three (3) working days following the receipt of an order. Repeated failure to dispatch within this timeframe may incur an overdue charge from Museum Shops of £5 per working day.
  • Sellers maintain full control of their Product listing and undertake to manage their homepage. However Museum Shops maintains full discretion over the appearance of the site.
  • In the case of Products that have not sold within a 6-month period, Museum Shops may at its discretion request their removal from the site.
  • VAT registration is recommended for Sellers, with subsequent EORI registration compulsory if you plan to export goods outside the EU.
  • Ensure that they adhere to all regulations and customs requirements regarding the sale of products including food stuffs in the country to which they are selling and or dispatching items.
  • If dispatching products with electrical components designated with the WEEE recycling emblem (a crossed out bin), please ensure that you have a system in place to allow for recycling returns as envisioned by the WEEE directive.


  • Museum Shops charges a 10% commission on the value of the product listed, not inclusive of Shipping fees.
  • Commission is deducted immediately upon Customer payment and the balance forwarded to the Seller account.


  • It is preferred that all Sellers create an account with Stripe, this being the payment gateway used for Museum Shops, and ensure that they meet all the relevant terms and conditions for Stripe Connect as set out here
  • Stripe charges a 1.4% plus £0.20 per transaction fee per transaction, which will be born in full by the Seller as the Payment Gateway fee (2%).
  • In the event of a customer being unsatisfied with their order and requesting a refund, the Seller undertakes to reimburse the Customer the full amount. The Stripe transaction charge cannot be reclaimed, but no secondary charge is made for refunds processed.
  • Museum Shops does not store customer or client financial information on its servers.
  • In the event of Stripe not being usable for your organisation, Museum Shops undertakes to provide a backup option in which the funds from Customer purchases shall be deposited into its account, and the Seller shall invoice Museum Shops for the balance due at the end of every calendar month.

Marketing & Promotions

  • Logos and images provided by Sellers are licensed for use by Museum Shops for marketing purposes.
  • From time to time Museum Shops will run special promotions and discounts across the site. On signing up to join, Sellers must indicate the degree they wish to participate in such programs, which shall in return be reciprocated by Museum Shops with preferential product placement on the site front page and in promotional campaigns.

Data Protection

  • Sellers shall undertake not to retain the personal data of customers, nor use it for any purpose except for the dispatch of ordered items.
  • From time to time and in compliance with data protection regulations Museum Shops may grant access to Mailing lists for Marketing purposes, any and all data provided must be deleted on request by Museum Shops.

If you are interested in our service and meet these terms, please get in contact via to see how we can help you. Currently we are only open to institutions based in the United Kingdom, however if your organisation is not in the UK and would be interested in listing with us then please get in touch to see how we can help you in future.

If you are ready to join, please review our full terms and conditions then click the Apply Now button. On receipt of your completed form we will check to ensure you meet the above terms and contact you directly to discuss our service before issuing you with an account. 

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